Dutch WikiOwl 2023 winner!

The Dutch Wikipedia community awarded me my second WikiOwl in the “illustration” category at this year’s reception of Wikimedia Nederland. I was nominated in this category for having uploaded over 80,000 files to Wikimedia Commons, the media database of the Wikipedia and its sister projects. That’s close to half a terabyte! I want to thank the organizers of the award ceremony and everyone who voted.

To clarify: this is something I have rarely done through drawing illustrations. Instead, I primarily utilize my technical skills to transfer large sets of files from other sources or by photographing notable places and people. Most of the photos of the re:publica conference on Wikipedia were transferred by me from their official Flickr account, where they were made available under a free license. My own photographs can be found on well over 3,000 Wikipedia articles across all language versions.

This year I was also competing in the Dutch Wikipedia’s writing contest with my article on the doctor’s house of Landsmeer. I didn’t make the top three but still got high praise in the jury report for having created an interesting, pleasently written and informative article on a national hearitage site and its inhabitants. I’d been meaning to write it since 2019 when I came across the history of this site through my work collecting data on Children’s Book Week Gifts. One of the authors of the 1969 edition, Noni Lichtveld, had stayed there with her parents during the Second World War as a teenager. Her parents, the writers Lou Lichtveld and Leni Mengelberg, were part of a large collection of artists and intellectuals who hid out in Landsmeer. I thought it would be useful to put all these interconnecting links between them into one place. I want to thank the jury for reviewing all submissions.

If you can understand Dutch I can recommend checking out the top three: Democratische Republiek Georgiƫ, Middelheimmuseum and Spoorzone (Delft).

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