Reddit Windows 7 wallpaper theme

Potential employers: Reddit is a online community of nerds that has its own lingo. The “porn” on this website can refer to porn but it can also refer to something that is graphically stunning.

I’ve been a long time Redditor. Now 4 months ago a new subreddit has swept the floor with /r/pics an made us OD on a constant stream of high quality pictures. /r/EarthPorn soon was followed by /r/AlbumArtPorn, /r/AnimalPorn and many others.

I thought it would be awesome if you could have those pictures in rotation as your wallpaper, and soon found out Windows 7 actually had the option of powering a custom theme using a RSS feed.

I used the Reddit API to reformat the latest posts into the appropriate rss format and soon got it working. Now you too can get this working by simply downloading one of these .theme files:

Once you opened those files you need to accept the theme donwloading attachment:

please accept

These are just the ones I precreated for you guys. Every subreddit can in theory have one of these. If you’d like to make your own, or look at the code, you can take a look at the GitHub page for this little project:

If you are still reading this, you’re probably very serious. In that case I would like to warn you that there isn’t, as of now, a NSFW filter on these. I’m thinking about doing that in the near future.

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