I build a web application

In the past few months I’ve been working on a web application that aids in the generation of Wikipedia articles about lists of Dutch municipal monuments. It enables users to put in a list of monuments, transform them into a Wiki-table and geocode  most of the monuments based on their addressees using the Google Maps API. The web application has been published on the sub-domain http://wlm.veradekok.nl/

You can watch the instruction video (in Dutch) here:

The code has been published under a GNU license on my GitHub account

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

I’ve been contributing to Wikipedia by helping gather lists of municipal monuments in the Netherlands. Here is a script I wrote that visualizes our progress:

Update 13 October 2013:

The source code has now been published under a GNU Public License and can be found on here on my GitHub account.

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International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

This year was my 4th volunteering as a doorman at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Concequently, I got to see a lot of movies in the past 11 days, approximately 45 including shorts. Here is my list of recommendations in no particular order.


  • Sightseers
    • A black comedy about the caravan trip of Tina and Chris and their murder of people that cause a nucance. 
  • Towheads
    • Penelope tries to make her life as a stay at home mom more fulfilling by trying different strategies. The slap stick humor is remeniscent of Charlie Chaplin, loved it.
  • Reality
    • Luciano audiciens for Big Brother, but loses track of reality when he thinks he is being watched by the shows producers in his daily life to assert his worthyness to enter the show. Ignoring all reality checks of his wife, he starts giving away their posessions to show his charitableness.
  • Our Nixon
    • A documentary cut largely from the Super8 footage shot by Richard Nixon’s chief of staff  H.R. Haldeman, advisor John Ehrlichman and assistant Dwight Chapin. A intrieging insight into the inner center of the Nixon administration. I’ve had the 1972 campaign song used in the trailer in my head for days, Nixon Now!
  • Wavemakers
    • A documentary on the Ondes Martenot, an instrument that  produces sound by varying the frequency of oscillation in vacuum tubes. Features Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.
  • 5 Jahre Leben
    • During the Volkskrantdag, multiple visitors skipped this film in their program because they didn’t wanted to see the torture that goes on in the Guantanamo bay prison. I think we should look away from the horrors that took place in a prison that is still in operation today. The film follows the story of Murat Kurnaz, who was incarcerated following the 9/11 attack. He would be eventually be held 5 years later without charge.
  • De ontmaagding van Eva van End
    • An exchange student from Germany arrives at the family Van End resident, disturbing their peace and quiet substatially by his unrelentless perfectness.
  • Matterhorn
    • A touching and funny story of how Fred, an orthodox protestant widower,   develops a bond with Theo, a mentally impaired wanderer. This movies title is somewhat irrelevant to the story and confusing. Just take on the challenge of Googling for it and make sure to watch it.


The worst thing I watched was the Bouncing off the Walls program during one of my shifts.  I and my college ended up taking turns standing guard at the screening room, for the eventuality somebody without a ticket would actually want to watch that crap. I talked to a few people that had tried to watch it but left. One woman remarked that she had thought the art work had moved passed calling anything that is simply out of focus “art”. A director that had made it through 80% of the screening said the producer had made a name for himself with previous work, but that this was the first to be published of him in a long time because nobody would work with somebody that was so self absorbed. Hopefully that means no one else will soon have to suffer through the nonsensical ugliness he makes any time soon.

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Reddit Windows 7 theme generator

Over a year ago, I created a list of Windows 7 themes that would allow me to download /r/EarthPorn pictures and the like directly into a wallpaper folder. The number one request at the time was to ad a NSFW filter. I have now done so, and created a theme generator so that allows you to pick any subreddit.


This little project can followed/forked/downloaded on GitHub.

– Enjoy

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Here are some of the portraits I’ve made over the past two years that illustrate various Wikipedia pages.

Frank MeesterFelix MeurdersMerijn ScholtenMartijn HilleniusValentin AbgottsponAnnie Laurie Gaylor
Ingrid Matthäus-MaierTaslima NasrinGiovancaMarnix ReubHugo WapperomSimone Bergmann
Tim van BroekhuizenAlbo HelmJelle Brandt CorstiusPrem RadhakishunEdwin WinkelsRalien Bekkers
Reni de BoerHerman PhilipseSpinvisPeter van LindonkWubbo OckelsWilliam Verstraeten

Portraits, a set on Flickr.

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Inspiration Monday pitch

The pitch I did last month on the work I do behind the screans improving Wikipedia. It’s in Dutch.

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Games & Simulations minor: the creation of a game

I’ve been keeping bussy developing a game for my minor Games and Simulations. You can follow our progress by following the weekly vlog. Here is the first test we did with the paper prototype:

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TEDx Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Last Thursday I got to go to TEDxRotterdam. The second largest TEDx in the Netherlands. TED is a highly exclusive conference conference in California, which has gotten wildly popular since they started posting their bite size lectures on to the internet. A TEDx is a independently organized TED event which borrows the format but has to rely on local volunteers to get great speakers.

I also got to go TEDxAmsterdam last year, which is still one of the most awesome things to ever happen to me. TEDxRotterdam only allowed senior year students in, and since I’m a senior student studying in Rotterdam I was pretty much guaranteed a seat. I do not, however, know what made the TEDxAmsterdam people decide me worthy of a seat in their audience. My best guess is that saying you have developed a game makes you stand out as a girl.

Continue reading

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Photoshop portfolio

I’ve assembled my photoshop portfolio.

It’s in this oversized PDF

It’s all quite recent work, the oldest part dates back to April 2010. A big part is from the photo’s I recently donated to the Wikimedia commons project.

photoshopped photo



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Reddit Windows 7 wallpaper theme

Potential employers: Reddit is a online community of nerds that has its own lingo. The “porn” on this website can refer to porn but it can also refer to something that is graphically stunning.

I’ve been a long time Redditor. Now 4 months ago a new subreddit has swept the floor with /r/pics an made us OD on a constant stream of high quality pictures. /r/EarthPorn soon was followed by /r/AlbumArtPorn, /r/AnimalPorn and many others.

I thought it would be awesome if you could have those pictures in rotation as your wallpaper, and soon found out Windows 7 actually had the option of powering a custom theme using a RSS feed.

I used the Reddit API to reformat the latest posts into the appropriate rss format and soon got it working. Now you too can get this working by simply downloading one of these .theme files:

Once you opened those files you need to accept the theme donwloading attachment:

please accept

These are just the ones I precreated for you guys. Every subreddit can in theory have one of these. If you’d like to make your own, or look at the code, you can take a look at the GitHub page for this little project:

If you are still reading this, you’re probably very serious. In that case I would like to warn you that there isn’t, as of now, a NSFW filter on these. I’m thinking about doing that in the near future.

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