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I build a web application

In the past few months I’ve been working on a web application that aids in the generation of Wikipedia articles about lists of Dutch municipal monuments. It enables users to put in a list of monuments, transform them into a … Continue reading

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

I’ve been contributing to Wikipedia by helping gather lists of municipal monuments in the Netherlands. Here is a script I wrote that visualizes our progress: Update 13 October 2013: The source code has now been published under a GNU Public … Continue reading

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International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

This year was my 4th volunteering as a doorman at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Concequently, I got to see a lot of movies in the past 11 days, approximately 45 including shorts. Here is my list of recommendations in no particular order. Features: … Continue reading

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Reddit Windows 7 theme generator

Over a year ago, I created a list of Windows 7 themes that would allow me to download /r/EarthPorn pictures and the like directly into a wallpaper folder. The number one request at the time was to ad a NSFW … Continue reading

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Here are some of the portraits I’ve made over the past two years that illustrate various Wikipedia pages. Portraits, a set on Flickr.

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Inspiration Monday pitch

The pitch I did last month on the work I do behind the screans improving Wikipedia. It’s in Dutch.

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Games & Simulations minor: the creation of a game

I’ve been keeping bussy developing a game for my minor Games and Simulations. You can follow our progress by following the weekly vlog. Here is the first test we did with the paper prototype:

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TEDx Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Last Thursday I got to go to TEDxRotterdam. The second largest TEDx in the Netherlands. TED is a highly exclusive conference conference in California, which has gotten wildly popular since they started posting their bite size lectures on to the internet. A TEDx is … Continue reading

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Photoshop portfolio

I’ve assembled my photoshop portfolio. It’s in this oversized PDF It’s all quite recent work, the oldest part dates back to April 2010. A big part is from the photo’s I recently donated to the Wikimedia commons project.    

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Reddit Windows 7 wallpaper theme

Potential employers: Reddit is a online community of nerds that has its own lingo. The “porn” on this website can refer to porn but it can also refer to something that is graphically stunning. I’ve been a long time Redditor. Now 4 … Continue reading

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